Four Things To Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair

Dyeing Your Hair 101


Whether your a homebox hair dye diehard or a professional salon Sally, dyeing your hair is a pretty big deal. And if you’re a hair dye newbie it can be even more unnerving.  Have no fear – here are four of the fundamental considerations you should make before you decide to colour your hair.

The Upkeep

Once you start dying your hair, it can be extremely difficult to go back on the decision and return to your natural colour. Colouring your hair is not for the low maintenance, although the level of upkeep does depends on the colour change from your natural colour. For instance, going blonde from brunette will require a a lot of maintenance. In general, you will need to regularly touch up to your roots or re-dye of all the hair. Furthermore, you may experience colour fade fairly quickly. This is especially prevalent with certain hair trends, such as  pastels colours.

  • Cost


    It’s not cheap to maintain dyed hair either. Remember it’s not just that first appointment that you have to pay for. Whether you use home dye or get it professionally coloured at a salon, it will still rack up a significant cost over time. Of course, the home hair-dye kit at £5 might seem like the most attractive option, but often the quality of the product is poor and quickly fades, meaning you may find yourself actually forking out more on re-stocking it than if you went to the salon.

    Plus, with a new hair colour comes using new hair products in your haircare routine. You will need to buy certain shampoos and conditioners specifcally for dyed hair and the colour you have gone. These are often expensive, and another cost you’ll incur.

    Hair Damage


  • It goes without saying that dye is bad for your hair. Putting any sort of chemical on your skin cannot be good for you, and in extreme cases of hair dye disasters can result in a serious hair injury.

    Hair damage claims is a really big issue when dyeing hair, especially if you are undergoing a drastic colour change. Any processing of the hair will cause damage; dyes contain strong chemicals which can cause irreversible damage to the hair. Make sure that your hairdresser performs extensive strand testing to ensure that the hair is in a good enough condition to withstand the processing.

    Allergic Reactions

    It’s vital you always undergo a skin test at least 48 hours before you have your hair dyed, even if you’ve dyed you hair previously. You can develop allergies to the chemicals within hair dye at any time so it’s important to be regularly tested.  Allergic reactions to hair dye can be very dangerous, and in extreme cases even fatal.

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