The Dark Reality Of The Hair Extension Industry


Natural hair extensions have now become so popular in modern society.  Now most women consider them a staple product in their daily beauty regime. They transform your locks from drab to fab in an instant. But there’s a darker side to hair extensions beyond  hair extension damage that isn’t publicly broadcast.. It may make you reconsider if having a long and voluminous hair mane is worth the hair on your head.

Hair Extension Damage


Firstly, hair extensions are extremely bad for your hair and can cause a number of hair injuries, including hair loss. Regular use of hair extensions have been known to cause a condition called Traction Alopecia. This is where too much weight is placed upon the natural hair and results in gradually ripping this hair out of the scalp from the root.

The Dark Side of the Industry

But delve deeper into the provision of this hair product, and you’ll find that the hair extension industry can be a dark and sinister place. The demand for natural hair extensions is on the rise. Reports suggest that the market has grown 70% in five years. What used to be reserved for celebrities, has now transferred over to the general public.  Now it seems everyone is seeking the au natural extension look.

But Where Does This Hair Come From?


Some of this hair is imported from poverty stricken areas from around the world, including Russia, Brazil, China and India.  Hair is bought from these places at an increasingly low price and then sold on at a much higher price here in the West.

In some places the hair pound for pound is worth more than gold.

This hair is often cut from young girls, sometimes without the permission of their parents. In these poverty stricken countries, the extra income which can be earned from the sale of the hair can make a big difference to these families.

There have even been extreme cases reported of female exploitation, where women have been kidnapped to have their hair hacked off without permission. Their hair is then sold to the UK and elsewhere.

So if you are thinking of having hair extensions, remember. It’s not only the damage to your own hair that you need to consider, but also the damage done to those who have provided it.

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