Straightening Out The Facts About Hair Straighteners


Ahh the trusty hair straighteners, the holy grail of hair styling tools. This essential hair appliance possesses a certain prowess of turning an unkempt, frizzy mane into sleek, silky goddess-like locks. Of course we all know hair straighteners come with their imperfections. Who’s not suffered a hair injury  and a telling off from their hairdresser resulting from hair straightening damage?

Let’s Get Serious About Straighteners

But there’s a darker, dangerous and life-threatening side to using straighteners that goes beyond split ends and hair damage.  The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) have reminded parents of the risks of hair straighteners to their children.

The ROSPA’s ‘Straight Off, Straight Away’ campaign raises awareness on how hair straighteners can cause serious and life-changing burns to children. Posters have been placed around medical centres to remind parents of these risks. The campaign reminds parents to turn straighteners Straight Off, and put them Straight Away.

Extreme Heat

Many people do not realise how long it takes for the straighteners to cool down after they have been switched off.  Some straighteners can reach temperatures of more than 200°C.

That’s 3 x the temperature of a cup of tea and hotter than a domestic iron.

Extreme temperatures like this can have traumatising effects for anyone who touches hot hair straighteners and can result in permanent scarring. This is particularly serious for young children who have thinner and more fragile skin, so touching something of this heat could have devastating consequences.




Keep It Cool

Parents can help protect their children from these burns by implementing several precautions:

  • Using a heat resistant bag.
  • Keeping the hair straighteners away from the reach of young children.
  • Turning the appliance off immediately after use and putting them away safely.


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