Perm Disasters / Perm Gone Wrong

If you have straight hair, the idea of having a perm to transform your limp locks into glossy waves and curls is very appealing. But be aware that, when you undergo a perm, chemicals are used to break and reform the bonds of the hair in order to create those tight curls or loose waves.

While the vast majority of perms work out fine, it can easily fail badly, resulting in extensive hair damage, scalp burns or skin irritation – a perm gone wrong. That’s because perm lotion is an active chemical and is dangerous to the skin. In fact, perm damage accounts for a large proportion of hairdresser compensation claims.

Has your perm gone wrong? If your perm has caused damage to your hair, you may be able to claim hair injury compensation.

Check Your Hairdresser Is Experienced With Perms

Before your book in for a perm, make sure your hairdresser knows exactly what they are doing.  It’s important that your hairdresser understands – and is fully competent in – all the techniques for creating a permanent wave. They also need to take the necessary precautions to protect both your hair and your skin.

The major reason that perms go wrong and hairdressers are sued is because they over expose the hair to the perming solution or they fail to neutralise the solution. Another problem is using the wrong sized rollers or applying excessive tension to the rollers.

Take a Strand Test to Avoid a Perm Gone Wrong

To avoid a perm gone wrong, always ensure your hairdresser carries out simple strand tests on small cuttings of your hair if you want to avoid perm damage. This is especially important if your hair has been subjected to any previous treatment, such as dyeing, bleaching or straightening. If your salon doesn’t offer you this test, this would almost certainly amount to a substantial failure care on their part.