Are Hair Extensions Worth The Risk Of Going Bald?

hair extension damage

Sales of hair extensions and weaves have sky-rocked over the past few years as it seems everyone is after long locks  in an instant. Fueled by societies obsession with social media, reality TV, and celebrities, the likes of Kim Kardashian and the cast of TOWIE are regularly seen modeling lengthy, full and luscious locks. But, beware hair extension damage – is it worth the risk?

The use of extensions, weaves, and styles such as braids, and dreadlocks all run the risk of seriously damaging your hair and even going bald. So while your selfies may look great, is it worth the risk of getting a hair injury?

Hair Extension Damage


These procedures, which are often quite expensive,  all place extra pressure and weight on the hair and scalp.  Hair extension damage can cause a hair loss condition called Traction Alopecia. This is caused by the excessive weight of the extension being placed on the natural hair and gradually ripping this hair out of the scalp from the root.

Irreversible Damage

The damage caused to the hair follicle by using extensions or having tight hairstyles may be irreversible and long lasting. This is because these styles require a great deal of tension to be applied to the hair which in itself is damaging and can cause baldness.

Be Aware


There has been a recent call for more awareness to be made about the damage of using hair extensions and even by certain hair styles such as tight  buns and pony tails. The best way to avoid Traction Alopecia and other hair loss conditions is to keep hair in its natural state without any treatment or processing.


Hair extensions are a quick way to transform your hair from flat to fabulous, but they can do serious damage to your hair. And are they really worth the risk of going bald and wasting money?  By looking after your hair, eating the right foods and being patient, you’ll have long,  natural and healthy hair.


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