Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are either made from real hair or from woven fibre and are used to add more colour, volume or length to existing hair. They are extremely popular at the moment, thanks to celebrities who transform their appearance with the addition of lovely, long tresses. If you are considering this treatment you must be careful to avoid hair extension damage.

Hair Breakage

Popular as they may be, it’s important to understand that having a hair extension can end in disaster. That’s because every hair extension method in use today has the potential to cause serious problems, such as hair extension damage, breakage, and even bald patches. Often the cause is the way the extensions are applied. The extensions are glued or heat sealed to stay in place. Sometimes they are clipped or sewn on to your existing hair.

Permanent Hair Loss

The extensions often can break off leading to hair extension damage – especially if the natural hair is too thin, weak or damaged and so not strong enough to hold them. The natural hair is pulled out along with the extensions, causing permanent hair loss. In severe cases, the prolonged use of extensions can cause traction alopecia – which results in bald patches from constant pulling on the roots. These bald spots are also known as doll’s head syndrome.

Allergic Reactions

Some hair extension methods use metal products such as nickel, or chemical adhesive materials. Both of these can cause allergic reactions. Natural hair can also be damaged when the extensions are removed, so the removal process must be done correctly to avoid damage.

So, take care when having a hair extension that it doesn’t end in disaster or permanent hair extension damage.