Extreme Allergic Reactions to hair dye could cause death

The news of the recent tragic death of 17 year old Tabitha McCourt published in the Daily Mail addressed the risks of using hair dye. It is believed Tabitha suffered an extreme allergic reaction to the dye just 20 minutes after applying the product to her hair.

This was the second story published by the Mail in recent weeks on severe allergic reaction to home hair dyes. Earlier in the month the Mail ran the story of Mariade Kelly who ended up in a hospital high dependency unit after using a home hair dye.

Allergic reactions to hair dye can develop at any time even if you have used the same products for years. The chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD) which is a common allergen banned in many European countries is one of the likely causes of the allergic reaction suffered by Mrs Kelly.

PPD remains in many products on the UK market, it has been linked to a number of severe allergic reactions. It is toxic to the immune system, skin, liver, kidneys and respiratory system. It is a skin sensitizer which can stimulate the nervous system to cause a variety of allergic reactions.

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