Hair Injury Compensation Guide

Ruined hair: how much hair injury compensation are you entitled to?

If your hairdresser has left you with ruined hair, the level of hair injury compensation you are entitled to will depend on the medical evidence you can provide. If your hair has been damaged due to a perm disaster, colouring that has gone wrong, or you are suffering from tingling or burning of the scalp, you can usually expect to receive anything from £4,300 to £6,350.

Less serious hair injuries include cases where the hair has been pulled out to leave bald patches, as happens with hair extension damage. Here, you should receive compensation in the region of £2,300 to £4,300. For dermatitis cases, where the skin (normally the hands) becomes painful, red, cracked and inflamed, the amount of compensation is usually between £1,000 and £1,200.

In all ruined hair cases, the actual injury compensation figure you receive will depend on:

  • Whether the hair damage has caused you to suffer depression
  • The effect it is having on your everyday life and your work
  • How long your hair will take to recover

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