Frequently Asked Questions

What type of injury can I make a hair compensation claim for?

The chemicals used for bleaching, colouring, perming and straightening hair are all strong and can cause hair loss and chemical burns to the skin or scalp if they are used incorrectly. Hair extensions can cause severe and permanent damage such as bald patches and allergic reactions. Making a successful compensation claim depends on a number of factors – we will help and advise you on this.

How do I know if I can make a hair compensation claim?

Our expert panel of personal injury advisors is here to advise you. All you have to do is fill in our enquiry form or call us on 0800 622 6499 for free impartial advice. Our experts will be able to tell you whether or not you can make a claim, based on your particular circumstances.

How do I make a claim?

We make this process as easy as possible. Simply give us a few details and our expert personal injury solicitors will assess whether your injury and the circumstances around it will entitle you to compensation.

Is there a time limit to a claim?

Provided your injury occurred within the last three years, you can still make a claim. There are some exceptions to this three-year rule, which we can explain to you.

Do I have to pay you to make a personal injury claim?

No. All injury claims are handled on a No Win No Fee* basis. What’s more you will receive 100% of the compensation as our fees are paid for by insurance or by the third party – not by you. But note, other costs may be payable, such as if you fail to attend an appointment with a medical expert and have to pay a cancellation fee.

What if my hair compensation claim is unsuccessful?

Hair Lawyers work on No Win No Fee Agreements. If your claim should be unsuccessful, through no fault of your own, there is nothing for you to pay.

Who will actually deal with my claim?

Your claim will be handled by an expert personal injury solicitor. Contact us free today on 0800 622 6499 to start the process.

Will I have to attend a medical?

You will usually have to obtain evidence from a trichologist who will provide their expert opinion on the treatment you had, the damage you have suffered and any possible longer-term consequences. In certain cases you might need to submit a medical report, for example if you have suffered scalp or skin damage. Where we feel it is appropriate, we will arrange a medical examination with an independent doctor. This appointment will be local to you, so you won’t have to travel very far to attend. You can include these travel expenses as part of your claim.

Will I have to go to court?

This is very unlikely since over 90% of cases don’t go to court. The insurance company doesn’t want to waste time and money defending a case where the facts clearly determine who is at fault. For this reason the vast majority of cases are settled without court appearances.

How long will the claim take?

This will depend on the circumstances of your case and on the response of whoever you are claiming against. A straightforward claim can be settled within 9-12 months, while more serious injuries may take longer. Once we have carried out initial investigations, we will be in a better position to let you know how long it will take. You can be assured that we will never delay your claim.

How much compensation could I expect?

The level of hair compensation you receive depends on the medical evidence. We can only predict the amount when we receive the independent medical report. We will then give you our informed opinion of how much your claim is worth. Here’s a rough guide to levels of compensation.

Do I need to attend your offices for meetings?

We usually deal with a case by telephone and through the post, which means we don’t need to arrange face-to-face meetings.