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Seven Reasons You Might Be Losing Your Hair

It’s something we all worry about – losing our hair. Hair loss is much more common than people think and although a taboo subject, it is quite common for women too. While your genetics and hormones are usually the biggest cause of hair loss, there are other factors such as your diet, styling methods and your […]

Are Hair Extensions Worth The Risk Of Going Bald?

Sales of hair extensions and weaves have sky-rocked over the past few years as it seems everyone is after long locks  in an instant. Fueled by societies obsession with social media, reality TV, and celebrities, the likes of Kim Kardashian and the cast of TOWIE are regularly seen modeling lengthy, full and luscious locks. But, beware […]

The Grey Hair Gene: Why Going Grey May Be In Your DNA.

It’s the modern doomsday. That moment you find your first grey hair. You frantically pluck that stray of greyness out from your scalp, causing a hair injury in the process. Then there’s the numerous hair dye disaster moments you endure as you repeatedly camouflage those silver roots. If only there was a cure to going grey? Well, scientists have […]

The Hair Necessities

A recent report in the September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, considered a big fear for many women. That fear being hair loss. There can be many medical causes of hair loss including stress and health issues such as polycystic ovaries, diabetes and thyroid problems, the article set out four triggers which you should be […]