About Hair Lawyers

Hair Lawyers is the UK’s first dedicated hair injury compensation service to be run by an expert legal team. If you’ve had the misfortune to suffer an accident or injury from a hairdressing experience, you are far from alone. Problems are much more common than you might realise. And these incidents are usually caused by incompetence or bad technique on the part of the hairdresser. It’s a profession which is completely unregulated in the UK.

All the chemicals used for bleaching, colouring, perming and straightening hair are strong and can easily cause burns to the skin or scalp if they are used incorrectly. But it’s not just burns you can suffer: you can experience anything from allergic reactions, skin swelling and breathing difficulties to hair loss. And having hair extensions can be just as traumatic, as you risk severe and permanent damage to your hair.

Our team of advisors at Hair Lawyers has many years of experience in personal injury compensation. We work with independent hair consultants on a no win, no fee basis. So, if you are an injured party and make a successful claim, you will receive the full compensation due to you. Our fees are paid for by insurance or by the third party – not by you. And if you lose the claim, you pay nothing, either.

Provided the incident occurred in the last three years, you only have to provide basic details via phone, post or email for us to assess whether the injury and circumstances will entitle you to receive compensation. If you think you have suffered any type of accident or trauma from hairdressing, click on the enquiry form or phone Hair Lawyers free on 0800 622 6499.